Green Energy

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Home Made Electricity? Off the Grid?

YES it just became possible with a VEXEON Green Energy Solution.



With intelligence at its core our Pure Sine Grid Interactive Solar System has the ability to reduce your electricity bill to ZERO with innovative load correction and creative system design.

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From time to time when entertaining friends, your electricity demand might exceed the system’s output capacity In such instances the system will seamlessly switch back to the grid making it Grid Interactive.

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Electricity Rate Increases, Load Shedding, and the destruction of the environment will become a distant memory as Solar Energy is clean and FREE.



Unique Features:

Built-In Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller

Transformerless System Maximizing Efficiency

Easily Scalable up to 30KVA Single & 3 Phase

System Alerts and Control via your Cellphone

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Choose from a variety of our complete kits or let our Design engineers custom build one for your exact need.



Our expert engineering teams at VEXEON are solution driven and specialize in designing systems for every application and complexity. With many years of research in alternative energy, the current solution is cost effective solar systems.